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The Ultimate Carboxy Facial Therapy

The Geneo is a set of combined treatments to eliminate your imperfections. It is carried out with a device equipped with three heads and is regulated according to 3 functions: OxyGeneo, Tripollar and Ultrasound. 

– The OxyGeneo treatment deeply exfoliates your skin, oxygenates your cells, infuses and diffuses active nutrients into the epidermis. The complexion becomes brighter and looks fresher. 

– Tripollar radio-frequency is based on the emission of heat. Micro-circulation and cellular activity are instantly stimulated to produce collagen. Your skin becomes firmer, and your wrinkles fade away. 

– Ultrasound. These are vibrations felt on the surface of your skin. They help to absorb the active ingredients and treatments previously applied. The cells and blood vessels are stimulated and invigorated. Your skin becomes smoother and more hydrated, your cells are renewed, your pores are tightened and your eye bags are reduced. 

The Geneo is a set of three treatments that can be done separately or in combination. We offer individual sessions and packages of several sessions. All three treatments have been shown to have reliable results. All three treatments are gentle and painless and can be used on even the most sensitive skin. 

You can chose between:
Instant carboxy facial therapy | 30min
The ultimate carboxy facial therapy | 1h